Jackson Krall -- Biography

JACKSON KRALL (drums, percussion) was born in 1949 in Detroit, Michigan. He began studying piano at age 7 and drums at 9, studied with Bill Dixon at the University of Wisconsin and at Bennington College in the early 1970ís, moved to New York in 1975, and has been living on the lower East Side and playing music there and elsewhere ever since. He has performed and recorded with Cecil Taylor since the mid-1990ís. Since 1999, he has also played in trio and quartet settings under the direction of Alan Silva, as well as with the Sound Vision Orchestra in a presentation conducted by Alan Silva that is available on CD and video (Alan Silva & the Sound Vision Orchestra, Eremite MTE 026). Jackson also played drums with the Sound Vision Orchestra in performance of a composition written and conducted by Bill Dixon in the year 2000, enthusiastically received by a capacity crowd at its Vision Festival world premiere. Jackson Krall remains a member of the Sound Vision Orchestra. In addition, when not playing drums, he builds them, along with creating bells and other sculptural sound creations.

For further information: http://www.abasses.com/stickdrums/jack.html, jackson_krall@yahoo.com.

Photo by Jacques Bisceglia: http://www.jacquesbisceglia.com/photos/ph_music12.jpg.

Check out videos of Jackson at aboptv.com

Updated on Apr 09 ’05