Rob was born in Hampton VA in 1962. He has been playing the saxophone since the age of 11. Rob moved to NY in 1984. He has been actively leading groups with or working as a sideman with Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Joe Morris and Whit Dickey since the 1980ís. Others Rob has performed and/or recorded with are; Cecil Taylor, Anthony Braxton, Denis Charles, Bill Dixon, Butch Morris, Reggie Workman, Henry Grimes, Roy Campbell Jr., Hamid Drake, Fred Hopkins, et al, as well as various dance groups, poets, and performance artists. He has toured Europe extensively. He is a 2001 CalArts/Alpert/Ucross Residency Prize winner and has received many Meet The Composer Fund grants.
Robís discography includes over 40 recordings and fourteen CDs as a leader or co-leader. His latest release is "The Big Picture" - The Rob Brown 4tet with William Parker, Hamid Drake, and Roy Campbell. Soon to be relased is his new 4tet with Steve Swell, Joe Morris, and Luther Gray entitled "Radiant Pools". Rob is also currently working with William Parkerís Quartet/Quintet and The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra, Stone House, Matthew Shipp, The Henry Grimes 5tet, Karen Borcaís Quartet, The Whit Dickey Group, and The Sound Vision Orchestra.

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Rob Brown Quartet, The Big PictureMarge CDs
Stone House with Joe Morris and Luther Gray, Likewise Riti CDs
Rob Brown Solo Saxophone Silver Sun Afternoon NoLabels CD
Rob Brown Trio with William Parker and Warren Smith, Round the Bend Bleu Regard CDs
Rob Brown Quartet, Jumping Off the Page No More CDs
Rob Brown Trio with Wilber Morris and Lou Grassi, Visage Marge CDs
Rob Brown Duo with Matthew Shipp, Blink of an Eye. No More no.3
Rob Brown Trio with William Parker and Jackson Krall, High Wire Soul Note CD
Rob Brown-Lou Grassi Quartet, Scratching the Surface CIMP CD
Joe Morris-Rob Brown Quartet, Illuminate Leo Lab CD108
Rob Brown, Heinz Geisser, Geurrino B. Mazzola, Orbit Music and Arts CD
Rob Brown, Whit Dickey, Joe Morris, Youniverse Riti CD3
Rob Brown Trio, Breath Rhyme Silkheart CD122
Rob Brown and Matthew Shipp, Sonic Explorations Cadence CJR103
In Order To Survive, Posium Pendasum FMP
In Order To Survive, The Peach Orchard AUM 010/11
William Parker Sextet, In Order To Survive Black Saint 120159-2
William Parkerís In Order To Survive, Compassion... Homestead HMS-231-2
William Parker and The Little Huey Orchestra, Flowers... Centering CD1002
William Parker and The Little Huey Orchestra, Sunrise... AumFidelity CD002-3
William Parker and The Little Huey Orchestra, Raincoat in the River Eremite
William Parker Itís Raining On The Moon Thirsty Ear CDs
The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra, The Mayor of Punkville AumFidelity CD
William Parker Quartet, Onealís Porch Centering CDs
Matthew Shipp-Rob Brown-William Parker, Magnetism Bleu Regard CDs
Matthew Shipp Quartet, Points Silkheart SHCD129
Whit Dickey Quartet, Bigtop Wobbly Rail CDs
Whit Dickey Group, Transonic AumFidelity CD
Nommonsemble with Whit Dickey, Mat Maneri, and Matt Shipp Lifecycle Aumfidelity CDs
Joe Morris-Rob Brown-Karen Borca-Andrea Parkins, Many Rings KnitWorks CD
Alan Silva With The Vision Orchestra Eremite CDs
Anthony Braxton Trillium R, Braxton House
Anthony Braxton Library of Congress Braxton House

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